Jedd operates as a Trainer and Speaker for WordUp! Marketing. Jedd helps organizations and their leaders with effective communications and motivation. His areas of specialty and focus are:

  • EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE - Add Emotional Intelligence to the menu of professional training offered to employees.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE – Take customer service or crisis management to the next level with practical emotional intelligence skills.
  • CUSTOMER SATISFACTION - Improve your customer satisfaction by giving employees real strategies to remain cool and calm
  • HUMAN RELATIONS - Train people to be better with people – in all areas.


Jedd is also the founder of Mission-Peace, a professional training organization focusing on Emotional Intelligence and De-Escalation Techniques for people in positions of authority, and those they serve.

Jedd is an author, speaker and Emotional Intelligence expert who has been training educators and other professionals to keep their cool in intense situations for over 20 years. He is a national presenter for the Love and Logic Institute and has trained staff in 45 states and 6 countries in skills to avoid power struggles, resolve conflict and prevent crisis. A Peacemaker his entire life, Jedd has studied the best de-escalators in the world to learn exactly what they do that works in tough situations. Prior to training internationally, he worked with at-risk & gang-affiliated teens who were court-ordered to treatment.

Maria Rodriguez

“People don’t care how much you know… until they know how much you care.”